Dr. Fred H. Smith


University Professor

Office Address: SCH 372
Office Phone: (309) 438-5792
Office Hours:  1:30-2:30 pm TR or by appointment
Email: Contact Dr. Fred Smith (fsmith)
Website: Visit Dr. Fred Smith’s Website
Teaching Schedule:
Course NumberSectionCourse NameTimeRoom NumberCourse Links
ANT102.01Human Origins M W F 09:00 - 09:50MLT 0210
ANT274.01Principles of Archaeology M W 12:35 - 13:50SCH 0106
ANT287.03Independent Study in Anthropology   
ANT291.06Undergraduate Teaching Experience in Anthropology   
ANT350.01Principles of Paleoanthropology T R 09:35 - 10:50SCH 0246
ANT398.01Professional Practice,Internship/Co-Op in Anthropology   
Teaching Interests:
Biological anthropology, human paleontology, human functional anatomy
Research Interests:

Dr. Fred H. Smith has worked on Neanderthal and early modern human fossil material for almost 40 years. His is particularly focused on the role of Neanderthals in the emergence of modern humans in western Eurasia. His publications number 7 books, over 150 professional articles, and numerous abstracts, notes and reviews. His 1984 book, The Origin of Modern Humans, was named best book in the life sciences that year by the American Association of Publishers, and his newest book , The Origin of Modern Humans. Biology Reconsidered (with James Ahern), was published in 2013 by Wiley-Blackwell. Smith has carried out field and laboratory research in Europe, West Asia and Africa and has taught at the Universities of Hamburg and Tuebingen (Germany) and Zagreb (Croatia).

BA (1970) University of Tennessee

PhD (1976) University of Michigan
Selected Publications:


Karavanić, I., P.T. Miracle, M. Culiberg, D. Kurtanjek, J. Zupanič, V. Golubić, M. Paunović J. Leonardić, V. Malez, R. Šošić, I. Janković & F. H. Smith (2008)  The Middle Paleolithic from Mujina Pećina, Dalmatia, Croatia. Journal of Field Archaeology  33: 259-277.

Cartmill, M. and F.H. Smith (2009) The Human Lineage. Hoboken. Wiley-Blackwell.

Haidle, M. & F.H. Smith (2009)  600,000 Jahre Kehrwoche:  Älteste Menschenfunde in Südwestdeutschland.  In: Eiszeit – Kunst und Kultur. Archäologisches   Landesmuseum  Baden-Würtemberg, Konstanz, pp. 61-63. 

Smith, F.H. (2010)  Species, populations and assimilation in later human evolution.  In:  C.S.  Larsen, ed. A companion to Biological Anthropology. Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell. Pp. 357-378. 

Janković, I., I. Karavanić, J.C.M. Ahern, D. Brajković, J.M. Lenardić, & F.H. Smith (2011) Vindija:  Archaeological, paleontological and genomic perspectives on a late European Neandertal sample.  In: S. Condemi & G. Weniger (Eds.) Continuity and Discontinuity in the Peopling of Europe:  150 Years of Neanderthal Study.  New York: Springer. Pp. 299-314.

Smith, F.H. (2011)  Assimilation revisited:  Africans, Neandertals, and the origins of modern Eurasians. General Anthropology 18: 1-7.

Karavanić, I. & F.H. Smith (2011)   Middle/Upper Paleolithic interface at Vindija Cave, Croatia in the context of Central Europe and the Adriatic. In: A. Derevianko & M. Shunkov, Eds.  Characteristic Features of the Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition in Eurasia. Novosibirsk: Russian Academy of Sciences (Siberian Branch). Pp. 124-134.

Janković, I., J.C.M. Ahern, I. Karavanić, & F.H. Smith (2011)  Biokulturalni aspekti epigravetijenske okupacije sloja B/s nalažista Šandalja II). Radovi Zavoda za Znanstveni Rad u Varaždinu HAZU 22: 185-200.

Smith, F.H., V.T. Hutchinson, & I. Janković  (2012)  Assimilation and modern human origins in the African peripheries.  In:  S.C. Reynolds & A. Gallagher (eds). African Genesis: Perspectives on Hominin Evolution.   Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp. 365-393.

Janković, I., I. Karavanić, J.C.M. Ahern, & F.H. Smith (2012) Epigravettian human remains and artifacts from Šandalja II, Istria, Croatia. PaleoAnthropology 2012: 87-122.

Smith, F.H. (2013)  The fate of the Neandertals. Journal of Anthropological Research 69: 167-200.

Smith, F.H. and J. Ahern (2013)  The Origins of Modern Humans. Biology Reconsidered.  Hoboken:  Wiley Blackwell.

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