Dr. Joan M. Brehm

Sociology Professor, 
Sociology Graduate Program Coordinator

Office Address: SCH 353
Office Phone: (309) 438-7177
Office Hours: Summer 2014:
By appointment.  Please email for appointment.
Email: Contact Dr. Joan Brehm (jmbrehm)
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Teaching Schedule:
Teaching Interests:
Sociology of Natural Resources and Environment

Sociology of Community

Research Methods
Research Interests:
Environment and natural resource sociology, sociology of community, research methods, demography, watershed health, place attachment.

My research and teaching interests center around the interactions between human populations and the environment in which they live. My most recent research activities involve two specific areas of investigation. First, I am working with colleagues at Southern Illinois University on an interdisciplinary investigation of water quality and community capacity for planning and conservation with the overall goal of evaluating and communicating watershed and community health risks in eight subwatershed communities in Southern Illinois. Second, I am working on a social assessment of attitudes, values, and beliefs regarding water quality and watershed management in the Nippersink Creek watershed in Northern Illinois.  This project is funded by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IL-EPA) 319 Program. 
  • PhD Sociology, Utah State University (2003)
  • M.S. Sociology, The University of Montana (1998)
  • B.S. International Relations, The Univeristy of Minnesota (1991)
Selected Publications:

Brehm, Joan M., Danielle Pasko, Brian W. Eisenhauer.  2013  “Identifying key factors in homeowner’s adoption of water quality Best Management Practices” Environmental Management, Volume 52, No. 1, pg.  113-122

Brehm, Joan M., Brian W. Eisenhauer, and Richard C. Stedman.  2013 “Environmental Concern: Examining the Role of Place Meaning and Place Attachment”  Society and Natural Resources,
Volume 26, No. 5, Pg. 522-538.

Brinkman, E., E. Seekamp, et al. 2012 “Community Capacity for Watershed Conservation: A Quantitative Assessment of Indicators and Core Dimensions.” Environmental Management. Vol. 50, No. 4, pg. 736-749. 




Christopher Slemp, M. A. Davenport, E. Seekamp, J.M. Brehm, J.E. Schoonover, K.W.J. Williard. 2012. “Growing Too Fast:” Local Stakeholders Speak Out about Growth and Its Consequences for Community Well-Being in the Urban-Rural Interface” Landscape and Urban Planning, Volume 106, Issue 2, Pg. 139-148.

Joan M. Brehm and Brian W. Eisenhauer. 2008. “Motivations for participating in Community-Supported Agriculture and their relationship with community attachment and social capital.” Southern Rural Sociology, Vol. 23, No. 1, pg. 94-115.

Joan M. Brehm. 2007. “Community attachment unpacked: The complexities of the natural environment dimension.” Human Ecology,Vol. 35, No. 4, pp. 477-488.

Joan M. Brehm, Brian W. Eisenhauer, and Richard S. Krannich. 2006. “Community attachments as predictors of local environmental concern: The case for multiple dimensions of attachment.” American Behavioral Scientist, Vol. 50, No. 2. pg. 142-165.


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