Dr. Maura Toro-Morn

Director of Latin American
and Latino Studies Program
Professor of Sociology

Office Address: SCH 361
Office Phone: (309) 438-8290
Office Hours: MW 11:00am - 2:00pm & by appointment
Email: Contact Dr. Maura Toro-Morn (mitmorn)
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Teaching Schedule:
Course NumberSectionCourse NameTimeRoom NumberCourse Links
SOA109.01Introduction to Latina/O Studies M W 14:00 - 15:15SCH 0214
SOA109.02Introduction to Latina/O Studies M W 15:35 - 16:50SCH 0214
SOA287.02Independent Study   
SOA291.06Undergraduate Teaching Experience in Sociology-Antropology   
SOA299.01Independent Honor Study   
SOA398.28Professional Practice,Internship in Sociological Research   
Teaching Interests:


Maura I. Toro-Morn joined the faculty of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology in the early 1993. Currently, she is the Director of the Latin American and Latino Studies Program. In a recent interview for ISU’s Daily Vidette she was quoted as saying; “for immigrants like myself, we will always be connected and will exist in a transnational field, always seeking a connection to our new home." 

 As a scholar in the fields of immigration and sociology, she has always been curious about why people move, how, and what are the consequences of their movements thus she has devoted a significant part of her career to studying migrations in a global perspective.  She began to address the complexities of migration while researching the social class and gender dimensions of Puerto Rican migration to Chicago. She is part of a generation of scholars that has taken on that task of  exploring the gender specific qualities of contemporary migrations, work that has contributed to the historicizing Latino immigration to the Midwest and to making the experiences of women immigrants across diverse geographies visible. Her work is also relevant because it contributes to analyzing how gender and race systems of inequality intersect in the recruitment and deployment of Latina women workers.

Through both her research and teaching, she is devoted to investigating, teaching, and working toward equality for people on issues of ethnicity, race, gender, and social class. This commitment was recognized in 1998 when Toro-Morn was awarded the David Strand Diversity Award. She regularly teaches courses for the Women’s Studies Program and most recently for the Latin American and Latino Studies Program.


Research Interests:
Gender, Migration and Globalization; Immigrant women workers in the era of globalization;

Latinos in the Midwest; Gender, Social Class, and Race in the Puerto Rican experience.

Gender and Family issues in the Latino Experience.
  • 1993       Ph.D.         Loyola University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1985       MA              Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois
  • 1983       BA              Interamerican University, San German, P. R.
Selected Publications:


Nilda Flores-Gonzalez. Anna Guevarra, Grace Chang and Maura Toro-Morn. 2013 (forthcoming). Immigrant Women in the Neoliberal Age. Urbana: University of Illinois Press.

Maura I. Toro-Morn and Marixsa Alicea. 2004. Migration and Immigration: A Global View. Greenwood Press.

Articles and Book Chapters:

Maura I. Toro-Morn. 2013. “Elvira Arellano and the Struggles of Low-Wage Undocumented Latina Immigrant Women.” In Immigrant Women in the Neoliberal Age, edited by Anna R. Guevarra, Nilda Flores-Gonzalez, Grace Change, and Maura Toro-Morn.Urbana: University of Illinois Press

Maura I. Toro-Morn and Nilda Flores Gonzalez, 2011. "Undocumented Immigrant Women in the Midwest: The Struggles of Elvira Arellano and Flor Crisóstomo." In Wounded Border, Frontera Herida: Writings on the San Diego-Tijuana Region and Beyond, edited by J. Ackers Chacon and E. Davalos. San Diego: San Diego City Work Press.

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Anne Roschelle, Maura Toro-Morn, and Elisa Facio, 2010. “Towards a Feminist Methodological Approach to the Intersection of Race, Class, and Gender: Lessons From Cuba,” Forthcoming in Advances in Gender Research, Vol. 14. Edited by Marcia T. Segal and Vasilickie Demos. Publisher: JAI PRESS.

Maura Toro-Morn. 2008 “Beyond Gender Dichotomies:Toward a New Century of Gendered Scholarship in the Latina/o Experience.” In Latinas/os in the United States: Changing the Face of America, edited by R. Rodriguez, R. Saenz, and C. Menjivar. New York: Springer (pp: 277-293)

Maura I. Toro-Morn. 2005. “Boricuas en Chicago:Gender and Class in the Migration and Settlement of Puerto Ricans in Chicago.” In The Puerto Rican Diaspora: Historical Perspectives, edited by Victor Vazquez and Carmen Teresa Whalen. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

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Sue Sprecher and Maura Toro-Morn. 2002. “A Study of Men and Women from Different Sides of Earth to Determine if Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus in their Beliefs about Love and Romantic Relationships.” Sex Roles, vol 46 (5/6): 131-147.


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