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Laura Erickson

Prehistoric/Biological Archaeology Master's Student
Sociology and Anthropology
Schroeder Hall - SCH 343
Office Hours
My office hours are 2-3 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays. Come by if you have any questions, need help, or just want to chat, hang out, or even geek out.
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Hello! I have an interest in archaeology and biology of past populations, with Japan and its surrounding areas being the region of the world I'm most fascinated with. For undergraduate studies, I went to the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I double majored in both anthropology and biology. I also greatly love museums; the Field Museum feels like a second home to me. Outside of academics, I love dogs, art, music, cartoons, and video games.

Teaching Interests & Areas

I am interested in teaching for universities, as well as perhaps aiding in some of the educational aspects of museum work, such as exhibit information and design or even live scientific demonstrations.

Research Interests & Areas

For research, I am interested in the dispersal of human beings over time; biological, archaeological, and pathological demography of ancient populations; the relationships between different cultures with similar ancestral populations; genetics; and environmental adaptation, both biologically and culturally. The area of the world I'm fascinated with is the Circum-Pacific Belt, especially in the North. I am also especially interested in East Asia, Beringia, and the Pacific Northwest, with very strong interests in Japan.

BS Anthropology and Biological Sciences

University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, Illinois


Earthenware Design and Pre-Spanish Period Slave Women in the Philippines. Student Research Forum & Impact Day. University of Illinois at Chicago. (2018)