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Sociology at Illinois State studies social structures. Social structures include people, organizations, and systems. They also have a major impact on our lives.

Our family, jobs, the law, economy, and government are all types of social structures. Sociology helps us understand how these structures work so we can make positive changes.

Sociology also develops solutions for some of society’s biggest problems and issues, such as racism, poverty, and crime.

In the sociology minor, you’ll learn about the power of social structures, how decisions get made, and how social movements gain traction. You’ll also take a close look at cultures, diversity, and inclusion.

Why Study Sociology?

A sociology minor from Illinois State can add depth and diversity to any major. Our courses cover engaging and important topics that impact people’s lives. Plus, what you learn can be applied to your future career.

You’ll learn how and why people think and behave in different ways. Having this kind of understanding sets you up to be a strong leader and promote positive change.

You’ll also gain valuable skills employers look for, such as critical thinking, analysis, writing, and interpersonal communication.

Our faculty are experts in a variety of sociology fields. This gives you the opportunity to fully explore your interests. Their diverse expertise also provides you a well-rounded and engaging education.

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