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Sociology and Anthropology Department Student Ambassadors

The Sociology and Anthropology Ambassadors are a prestigious group of sociology and anthropology majors who assist with recruiting and advising events, orientations, and provide peer advising. SOA Ambassadors are a great resource for both current and future students and we encourage you to reach out to them at their contact information below to ask questions or learn more about our programs. Their office is located in Schroeder Hall room 316.

Student Ambassador Imaad Alam

Imaad Alam

Office Hours - TBD.

Contact Imaad

I am a senior anthropology major and excited to be an ambassador! I am an anthropology major and a political science minor, I am also the president of SOSA which is the RSO for people interested in anthropology on campus. I am more than willing to help those interested in the major. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Student Ambassador Carley Reilly

Carley Reilly

Office Hours - Thursdays, 1-3PM

Contact Carley

I am so excited to serve as an SOA ambassador this year! I am a senior Anthropology major and classical studies minor. In addition to being an ambassador, I am the public relations officer on Endurance Dance Team. If you have any questions about Anthropology, classes, career paths, anything ISU, please feel free to reach out!

Student Ambassador Xafvier Mancias

Xavier Mancias

Office Hours - TBD.

Contact Xavier

I am very excited to serve as an ambassador for SOA. I am a junior Sociology Major. Having changed my major to Sociology, I am aware of how rewarding and informative sociology can be as a student, especially during COVID. It revived my interest in academic pursuits. As an ambassador I want to help students learn about sociology, providing a chance for them to learn about this field. I would also like to network with students and faculty to improve interactions through the department. I can provide advice and guidance for classes and requirements to the major/minor of Sociology at ISU. I am here to help you!

Student Ambassador Jayden Wilburn-Johnson

Jayden Wilburn-Johnson

Office Hours - TBD

Contact Jayden

My name is Jayden Wilburn-Johnson, and I am a junior at Illinois State University. I am apart of the Student Government Association and Black Student Union here at ISU. I am also a teacher's assistant for SOC 112 and Career Ambassador where I help students build their professional portfolio.

Learning about different cultures and meeting new people has always been my passion. Sociology has given me life skills no other major could offer. The study of social institutions and how they operate in today's world is valuable information I believe everyone should have knowledge about. You have to understand people to help people and sociology is all about people!